The Department of Observances is responsible for the organizational aspects of Atheist observances, including holidays and life event celebrations.

We provide the following services to the Church:

  • Event planning:
  1. Scheduling
  2. Securing meeting space
  3. Ordering supplies
  • Coordination with the Education Department to confirm details of upcoming events for publication

We provide programming for the following holidays:

  1. Big Bang Day (March 21)
  2. Earth Day (April 22)
  3. Atheist Day (April 23)
  4. Day of Reason (1st Monday in May)
  5. Day of Diversity (May 21)
  6. World Peace Day (September 21)
  7. Evolution Day (November 24)
  8. The Union (December 24 to December 31)

We also organize ceremonies for the following life events upon request:

1. Birth of a child

2. Youth Initiation at age 14

3. Funerals

We will also be offering marriage ceremonies soon.